splurge or steal

Gilt is selling this great pair of Missoni flats today for a *mere* $249. Can't breathe.

While nothing could ever compare to the original, Aldo has come close with a very comfortable-looking alternative which you can get online right now for a mere $34.95!!! (or for $29.98 in the purple color). 

I saw these in person a week ago but had to run out of the store to take a phone call. Good thing, because I probably would have bought them at full price.

And while you're on the Aldo site, take a look at some of the other great styles they have for summer. Maybe it's just me? but I think these are some cute, affordable flats! 
The only other thing needed to pull off this look is a nice, deep tan.

.. and a hot Latin boyfriend. Oh, Summer, please, please come 'round. 

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dulci said...

god these are good!