productivity: a (small) study

Last night I was telling a friend that, recently, I feel like a total world champion when I accomplish the most basic tasks. Things that should come easily to me, as they do for other people who have about 100x more things on their plates. Running a load of laundry, calling the dentist to give them my new mailing address, getting my glasses repaired, buying stamps, doing my taxes. Why is this? Why do I feel like I deserve some big applause when I have a relatively short to-do list each day, especially considering that I am caring for one, living, human being: myself. If I could make one observation, the things I do accomplish normally happen during what I call the "golden hours" - between 3 and 6PM. It's when I've always been most productive at work, and I doubt there's any coincidence that I like to finish up around that time so I can pour my first glass of wine for the evening without feeling guilty.

This tells me one thing: I need to get busy.