hello again (cue creepy voice)

This won't be the most flattering re-entry to the blogosphere, but who are we kidding? I'm willing to bet that we all act a helluva lot more put together than we really are on this thing called the interwebs. With that, I give you something to ponder about the world of the pack rat. Boxes.

Did I just go shopping? Move into a new apartment and hit up Bed Bath and Beyond? Oh, if only. These fellas have been living on the upper shelves of my coat closet for over three years. A box for my iron, a box for my hairdryer, a box for my Christmas tree lights. Perhaps most disturbing, a plastic clamshell box for the Motorola flip phone I got in 2001 before I moved to California. I've lived in three apartments since I had that phone (let alone had a T-Mobile account) and somehow this empty box has moved with me. It's not like I'm saving the boxes my fine China came in, which I could justify. Why do I do this? Do you do this? Help.

Boxes are going out. Shoes are going up on the shelves. Lots more to share about the state of my nest (as if you care) and some other cool stuff I've got going on.

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Robyn Marie said...

Welcome back, I cant wait to see pictures of your nest. I bet it looks beautiful!