kale. that's it. kale.

Seems like everywhere I look, people are talking about how easy it is to make kale chips. I was once really intimidated by this nutritious winter green when I'd see it at the market, and would pass it by for the baby spinach or some other tender green. A few months ago, I found a recipe for a raw kale salad and decided to grow up and bring home a big bunch of the stuff. Now I'm a total kale addict and prepare it a few times a week. This winter I've been using it a lot in stir fries and soups, and recently started juicing it. More on my adventures in juicing later.

Back to the chips, I used Abi from Vanilla and Lace's recipe, and they were good! So good, I failed to take an after photo before I ate them all. Oops. I had seen another recipe that recommended sprinkling the kale with fine fleur de sel before throwing them in the oven (rather than mixing it in with the olive oil and lemon). I didn't have any fine fleur de sel, so I used my food processor to work with what I had. The only thing I'd do differently next time would be to go really light on the salt. The lemon flavor adds such a nice kick as it is, you almost don't need it. I made another batch later and brought them to work the next day as a snack.  They may not be quite the same as a potato chip but I guarantee you won't feel as guilty about eating a whole bag.

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Robyn Marie said...

I'll take some kale chips!