A few days late, admittedly, I feel compelled to comment on my first (and I can only hope NOT last) experience in Austin for South by Southwest, the famous music festival. It's almost impossible to compare it to another city's local celebration, but the anticipation, planning and total distraction that this event causes in lives and businesses in this town is unlike I've anything I've ever seen. Massholes, consider this: if Opening Day at Fenway, The Head of the Charles, St. Patty's Day and the 4th of July were to magically converge over the same four day period, this would only amount to about 50% of the passion that this city feels about SXSW. It was quite an experience, all-day drinking, good music, of course, and the happy-go-lucky vibe of this place that I'm going to miss more than anything. It's awful to think about leaving in 4 weeks.

With Amelia, my new friend. Thanks, GLG!

The photos of the bridge below show the bats of Congress Bridge flying out at dusk. It's too weird to talk about, but yet another interesting fun fact about Austin.

Coming up: My dear friend and neighbor from Santa Monica, Jen, who I haven't seen in two years, is visiting from Fort Colins this weekend. If she doesn't get snowed-in, I should have some good stories and photos to share the next time I'm back a bloggin'.

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