cooking for one - corporate apartment style

One of the biggest challenges of living in a corporate apartment for three months is not having your own stuff.  And when you enjoy cooking and baking as I do, you come to appreciate all of the small things in your home kitchen that you take for granted.  My collection of spices, my Le Creuset pot, a baking sheet (I had to buy one my first week just to roast vegetables), measuring spoons, whisks.... you get the idea.  Tonight I drew inspiration from chef and food editor Mark Bittman and made a terrific meal that was about as close to one-pot cooking as it gets.  My sister introduced me to Marks book Food Matters several weeks ago, and in addition to the eye-opening and also disturbing details about our planet's current agricultural and environmental conundrum, he provides a series of really delicious, easy recipes that I've been eager to try.  His Orchiette with Broccoli Rabe took 30 minutes on the dot to prepare, and was a delight.  I was lucky to find fennel seed and red pepper flakes in bulk at Whole Foods, where I also had dozens of fresh sausage varieties to choose from.  I am going to definitely keep this one in my back pocket - would be great for a big dinner party or even a date.

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