vermont wildflowers

I felt a bit guilty picking these flowers on my hike in Vermont this weekend, but I just couldn't resist. Unfortunately, I lost a few of them on the ride home, but the rest are in a pretty jar on my windowsill in the bathroom. Just look at that sky! It was an absolutely perfect weekend.

My sister always says that she prefers irises when they haven't fully bloomed, and after seeing these in their natural environment, I have to agree. It's hard to make them out but there are a few still in their tight buds behind those that have bloomed. Yes, I know. This series of photos illustrates my need for a new camera.

Buttercups and orange dandelions in every direction.

Berries hid under ferns lining the path where we hiked. So tiny and sweet, they melted like jam in my mouth.

My perfect summer dessert
Serves 2

1 cup vanilla bean ice cream
1/2 cup Vermont strawberries
1 tablespoon minced basil

Scoop ice cream into dishes and sprinkle with strawberries and basil. It's okay if you want to mash it up a little.

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