My best friend just moved into a new apartment with a porch off of the kitchen.  For a fleeting moment, I considered moving there, as well, and when I went to see the apartment for myself, I walked out to the porch and saw a hammock hanging from two of the vertical posts. I immediately got a good feeling and thought of my childhood, much of which was spent swinging in one of two hammocks on my parents' porch.

Me, milk-drunk, my Mum and sister, 1979

My mother has said that feeding me while swinging slowly in the hammock was the only way to get me to sleep as a baby. The hammock above is long gone, but I still remember the way it felt and smelled. You could take a nap for hours wrapped up in its tight embrace which was surprisingly comfortable, and this thing was enormous. I think all four of us (maybe even five when my brother came along) were able to fit!

Here are some inspiring images of hammocks from around the web.


A website called alibaba.com seems to have cornered the market on hammocks with tassels (at least it feels that way), but there are some cool ones on hammocks.com like these (sorry for the poor image quality):

I also found this one on Ebay.

 Of course, if you're feeling very ambitious, you can macrame your own hammock like this:

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