clown shoes - very funny

First they come out with Tramp Stamp (one of my favorite IPAs), and now Steve Greenlee is writing about Ipswich, MA-based Clown Shoes' latest hybrid beer, Muffin Top. Not sure I'd be caught drinking one in public, and based on the description in the review, I'm not sure it's really up my alley.

"Syrupy and heavy, this beer -- 22 ounces of it anyway -- would be difficult for one person to finish in one sitting, especially given its alcohol content of 10 percent by volume."

Image via 99 bottles

Still, I love hearing about local brewers doing cool things. I don't think Clown Shoes offers tours, but they have a pretty entertaining blog. It could be fun to check them out at the Beer Summit next month, especially if they've released their next IPA, dubbed Supa Hero, by then.

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