two old soles

1998 - 2010          ~  R.I.P.  ~         1997 - 2010

Have you ever heard a story of an elderly couple, so in love, that when one dies, the other follows so closely thereafter it's as if they couldn't live without one another?

I bought my first pair of Pumas (the dark green Californias) heading into my Freshman year of college, and the blue and white pair the following summer. I think these shoes were made for my feet, and if you've ever owned a pair you'll agree that they are remarkably comfortable.

A few weeks ago I tripped on something while wearing the blue ones, and looked down to find a chunk of my sneaker sole on the sidewalk. A BIG chunk. A few hours later I had resorted to tearing off the rest of the sole because it threatened to cause a major accident. I felt like I was amputating a relative's leg. Then yesterday I reached for the original greens and found that their soles remained on the floor when I lifted them... sadly, they too, had passed on.

Before I send them off to sneaker heaven a.k.a. my trash pile, I wanted to document them together one last time. While those are indeed Band Aids holding them together, these puppies covered a lot of ground with me over the years and they will be missed.

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