"If you had fun, tell everyone you know. If you didn't have fun, don't tell nobody".

My friend Robyn recently wrote about a private supper club I brought her to last week, and below is my own account of this exciting experience. Aside from rubbing elbows with some other foodies and meeting the elusive chef I'd been emailing with, I was looking forward to the food most of all. As you'll see from the menu below, the meal was seasonal, vegetarian, and rich with so many amazing flavors and spices. I left satisfied and with a warm fuzzy feeling in my belly and heart.

* Sauvignon blanc, white vermouth, tangerine seltzer, bitters served in hi-ball glasses - such a beautiful blush color, perfect for summer entertaining

* Carrot puree with cumin, yellow-eyed peas, red pepper strands, served on thin flatbread

Family style selections:
* Rustic bread, olive oil and sea salt
* Quinoa with roasted pecans
* Parsley pesto
* Charred, roasted baby yellow beets
* Edamame salad with sesame, seeds, toasted sesame oil and red pepper for a little kick
* Whole roasted shallots
* Mashed rutabaga and potato
* Whole, sweet roasted garlic cloves
* Marinated chanterelles and crimini mushrooms
* Roasted broccoli rabe with garlic
* Simply dressed salad of radicchio, field greens and fennel, lemon, olive oil, sea salt
* Cheddar cheese, apple butter and spiced almonds

* Stone ground Mexican chocolate, dark chocolate with cherries and almonds


Robyn Marie said...

Thank you again for the invite - it was the perfect meal.

Patricia Snook said...

Yuuuum! Wow sounds utterly fab! Beautiful blog here



Vanessa said...

Thanks for stopping by, Patricia! I have to believe that similar clandestine supper clubs exist in your part of the world! Love your camping photos. Last night I watched The Royal Tenenbaums for the 10th x, and was reminded that Richie Tenenbaum has a killer tent (albeit of the indoor variety)!

deBare said...
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deBare said...

where do you buy 'red pepper strands' look like a great garnish ... saw it used in a recent food show, but can't find a source. thanks.

Vanessa said...

Hi deBare, I think you can find them at Asian food stores but I found some chili strands at this online spice retailer. They look a lot like saffron threads. If you try these, let me know how they turn out!